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Open letter to Park View parents – 10 November 2014


Dear friends,


Following my meeting with DfE officials and the trustees for Park View Educational Trust I have written to those attending the meeting. You can read a copy of my letter below:


With all best wishes



Open letter to Park View parents - 10 November 2014



A Metro-Mayor for the West Midlands – A proposal from Liam Byrne MP – 6 November 2014


Dear friends,



You may have read my interview in the Birmingham Post this morning entitled; Midland mayor “could run policing, transport and support for business”


The news that Manchester has got the green light for a metro-mayor is great. As Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the last government, I worked hard to accelerate the devolution of powers to Manchester and its neighbours – and the model Manchester has designed ensures strong accountability of any new mayor to local government leaders.


Birmingham should control it’s own destiny too and a metro-mayor for the West Midlands would make a huge difference.


You can read the Birmingham Post story using the link above. My proposal for a West Midlands metro-mayor and a backgrounder from my time at the Treasury is below:


What Should a West Midlands Metro-Mayor Do


Backgrounder on a Reformed Regional Tier





Update on Park View – Letter to PVET Trustees and DfE – 23 October 2014


Dear all,

Many thanks for those who joined me with Park View Trust trustees and Mr Colin Diamond of the Department for Education.

I thought you would like a copy of the letter I sent as a follow-up.

As soon as I have a response I will be back in touch.


Letter to PVET trustees following up Fri meeting - 23 October P1 Letter to PVET trustees following up Fri meeting - 23 October P2




Press statement from Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust on Intervention of Monitor – 23 October 2014



Dear friends,
Please find a press statement below from Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust:




The Trust has been working with Monitor, our regulator, over several months  highlighting the plans we have in place to address the increasing demand for our  services.  It has been well publicised that the local health system has experienced a significant upsurge in demand in recent months.  At our Trust  alone we have seen a year on year increase of 13% in emergency admissions and a 10% increase in emergency ambulances arriving at our front door.  The unprecedented demand and consequent overcrowding, particularly in our emergency departments, means that we are not meeting a number of national targets.


Our teams and staff are working relentlessly to ensure that we deliver the best care possible.  Our focus and commitment has and will always remain on safe and quality care for our patients.  We have invested in additional nurses and doctors, equipment and facilities and over the next few years will be investing an additional £85 million in buildings to meet the growing demand for our services.


We have recently made some new key appointments to strengthen our leadership team; their expertise, both clinical and managerial, will add breadth and depth to our existing, experienced team.  We are also working with our partners in the local health economy to address the challenges of increasing demand, ensuring that people are cared for in the most appropriate setting, including their own home and we work together to improve the health of our local population.


Statement on Nicky Morgan’s appearance at the Education Select Committee this morning – 15 October 2014


Dear all,


Please find below a statement from Liam Byrne MP.


Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, has been giving evidence at the Education Select Committee (#edselctte) this morning on problems in Birmingham schools. The questions covered the ‘Trojan Horse’ issue, questions of accountability, the DfE’s response to the situation and it’s knowledge of problems at these schools.


In response Liam said;


“Hodge Hill’s parents want the Education Secretary to get a grip and get parents involved.


Yet all we got from the £130k a year Education Secretary was a catalogue of excuses.


It’s simply not good enough. So I am bringing parents and school leaders together this Friday to get a better plan in place. We simply will not tolerate second best for our parents and their young people.”




OfSTED note on Birmingham Schools – 14 October 2014

Dear friends,


Please see below for copies of Ofsted’s note to the Department for Education which has been released this morning. They relate to a number of inspections which happened at the beginning of the school term in early September.


OfSTED’s cover note – Oct 2014


Letter on Park View

Letter on Nansen Primary School




Statement on Ofsted’s note on Birmingham Schools – 14 October 2014


Dear friends,


In response to Ofsted’s note, published today, on Birmingham Schools I have issued the following statement?


“This is incredibly frustrating for the parents I’ve been working with non-stop since the summer.


They are being forced to watch Government inaction from the side-lines and Nicky Morgan must remember that it’s their children who are the most important individuals in all of this. Crucially the Government and schools have got to dramatically step up the pace of getting parents involved.


Ultimately schools with strong parents are strong schools.”




Statement on Palestine vote

Dear friends,

Please find below a letter to all those constituents who have contacted me about the debate on Palestinian Statehood taking place on the 13th of October.

Letter on Palestinian Statehood



Press Release: Liam Byrne condemns George Osborne’s attack on Birmingham’s children – 30 September 2014

Press Release: Liam Byrne condemns George Osborne’s attack on Birmingham’s children

Tuesday 30th September



Liam Byrne today condemned George Osborne’s attack on Birmingham’s children as the politics of ‘you’re on your own’.


George Osborne’s freeze of working age social security payments such as tax credits will trap thousands of Birmingham children living in working families deeper into poverty. Meanwhile the Chancellor also announced a £3 billion-a-year tax cut for the richest 1%.


House of Commons library figures for Birmingham show that 33,900 families are in receipt of working tax credits.


Liam Byrne said:


‘Child poverty already costs our city over £1 billion. Today we needed help. Yet what we got was a fresh attack. Osborne’s attack on help like tax credits is going to plunge yet more children in working families into poverty.


‘Nearly 70% of the people hit the last time the Tories did this were families with children’.


‘Only George Osborne could stand up in the ward with some of the worst child poverty in Britain and announce this fresh attack. He seems determined to ensure a generation of nearly 100,000 Birmingham children grow up in a poverty from which there is no escape’.


Liam Byrne, Cllr John Cotton and Tim Evans earlier this year published Labour’s review of child poverty in Birmingham highlighting the £1 billion cost of child poverty to the city – and the 40% rise in child self-harm cases in city A+E departments since 2009/10. Many health professionals believe this is directly linked to poverty pressure.



Statement on news of National College for High Speed Rail to be located in Birmingham – 20 September 2014


Dear friends,


I am delighted to share with you the news that the Government has today confirmed that both Birmingham and Doncaster will jointly host the new National College for High Speed Rail. This college will train the rail engineers who will work on HS2. The college is expected to be open in 2017.


You can read more here:


In response to the news I have released the following statement:


“This is a big step forward for our great city. Once we were the workshop of the world – and now we’re fighting our way back.


Today’s news is a real credit to the way the city pulled together to get this deal done.


Now we need to complete the picture and press onto relocate the job-killing marshalling yard planned for Washwood Heath. That’s the way we’ll ensure HS2 is 100% good news for our city – and not a mixed blessing.”


With all best wishes




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