A People’s Plan for the West Midlands

by Liam Byrne | 10.06.16 | in: Communities, Constituency news, Local campaigns, Local Issues, Local News, Uncategorized

I’m afraid the rumours are true!

I’m really grateful to friends across the region who asked me to stand to be the Labour candidate for the West Midlands Metro Mayor. But, I can confirm today what some of you know already…

Before he died, I’d spent many hours talking things over with legendary Sandwell leader, Cllr Darren Cooper.

He was amazing – and he convinced me to join together in a bit of a double act: I’d support him for the Metro Mayor – and I’d work with him, helping lead a new development corporation for the region – to get things done – which is all I care about.

Today, I think the best way I can honour Darren’s incredible work is to make sure we have on the table the best possible plan for the region. Ideas we can turn into action. A People’s Plan.

So today, with a number of friends I’m launching the People’s Plan for the West Midlands. We’re bringing to the West Midlands technology that has been tried and tested in Europe, to let people work together to create a plan for change. You can check out the site by clicking here.

The election of a Metro Mayor is supposed to be about power to the people. So lets ask the people what they want to see done. People are sick of rich elites – and remote elites. So, lets find some new ways of people calling the shots.

Please get stuck into – and tell me what you think!


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