Ban Trump From Brum

by Liam Byrne | 12.02.17 | in: Uncategorized

In response to rumours in the Telegraph that Donald Trump’s UK visit will be moved to the Midlands and Birmingham, I decided to set up a petition calling on the PM and Birmingham City Council to halt his visit.

Earlier today, I spoke with the Birmingham Mail about how the Government may be planning  to “dump the Trump on us”.

Right now, after Brexit, we need to have unity in our communities and I don’t believe a visit by President Trump to Birmingham takes any closer to achieving that.

The petition (launched this morning) can be found here.

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  • There are so many ways we can protest against things we disagree with President Trump about. Banning him buys into the wrong things. Let’s not invite him to West Midlands, cos it costs the public purse. But if we have to have him visit – be creative & peaceful in protest – if for no other reason than to limit risk to our amazing public servants (police, paramedic, fire, etc). We could buy up all tickets & then not attend. We could all go, listen very quietly & if we decide we don’t like what he says all turn our backs, hold hands and sing “We shall overcome” – or have banners stating how much we appreciate & value our diversity (religious, nation states, sexuality, etc) ready to show media. Honestly, I think opponents of his rhetoric of hate, division, misogyny, isolationism in the UK and esp. Midlands could be creative, innovative, united and more importantly effective & peaceful in sending a strong message. Just my thoughts.

  • Let’s not get too worked up about President Trump visiting Birmingham – I’d rather see him than Jeremy Corbyn – the thing about Birmingham is that it really is inclusive – there should be no need to ban President Trump – let’s remember that the majority of the American People voted him into office – rightly or wrongly – your party gave us Tony Blair – I know which of the two I’d rather see visit Birmingham….

  • If Trump does come to Birmingham, we should have the biggest protest in the history of this country and we should build a human wall around the venue so he can’t get in… See if he likes being on the wrong side of a wall.

  • If the purpose of inviting Trump to the UK is to further trade between the UK & USA (what other reason could there be?) then for parliament to dump him on Birmimingham could be seen by Trump as him not being welcome in London, the capital city. This would surely be counter productive to future trade deals. The man may claim to not care about his public image but his behaviour clearly shows a very fragile ego that would perceive the snub.
    We know Birmingham is a beautiful city but to overseas visitors it is still the ‘second’ city.

  • This president has NOT behaved in a manner which deserves the honour of a State visit and by permitting his visit we would be condoning his racism, misogyny and ugly, divisive ideology.
    We should, of course, model good behaviour, lead by example, but we should definitely NOT reward ‘bad behaviour’.
    It is deeply concerning that this President seems to deride mainstream reputable media like the BBC and CNN as ‘Fake News’, whilst believing discredited Fox News as shown in his tweets regarding his false claims about Sweden today. This shows he does not learn from his mistakes as he previously believed Fox News’s false and ridiculous claims about parts of Birmingham being ‘no-go ‘ areas and a ‘totally Muslim’ city. I believe it would actually more detrimental to UK-US international relations for Trump to come to Birmingham as I believe the protests would be ‘HUGE’!
    I am a white, British woman who is proud of our multicultural city. I am also a former teacher and parent who believes we should never pander to a bully.
    “ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.
    Sadly, it would appear that Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder and we should not further inflate his ego. We cannot change him; but we can decide how we deal with him. It is this which is important and sends a message to citizens of the world.
    Some might argue that we need to appease him in order to secure future trade deals. I would not trust him in this matter either. His deals are done for self-interest alone…America first!
    So please do not standby; please stand up for the proud people of Birmingham.
    Kind Regards
    Deborah Blayney

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