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GCSE Results Day – Hodge Hill

Dear friends,

Congratulations to all those collecting their GCSE results today.

Here are the results from schools in Hodge Hill:

The number of pupils at Park View Academy who achieved three or more A* or A grades rose to 27%, up 6% from 2014. 63% of students achieved A*-C in English language, with 66% achieving A*-C for Mathematics.

Hodge Hill College have had a really good set of results with 63% of students achieving A*-C in English language, 86% achieving A*-C in core Science and 60% achieving A*-C in Mathematics.

It is brilliant to see the hard work paying off for our young people in Hodge Hill!

Best of luck in whatever you do next.


**I’ll update this post with results from other schools in the constituency as soon as I receive them**

More data showing Yvette Cooper as the only choice for a radical, credible Labour Prime Minister


It seems from yesterday’s reaction there’s a real interest in the facts about who’s now placed to unite all wings of the Party and give us a radical, credible Labour Prime Minister.


So here’s a bit more of YvetteforLabour’s internal data, based on thousands of phones calls over the last few weeks proving only Yvette can unite all wings of the party and beat Mr Corbyn.


First, who’s set to win where?


Yvette’s first preference support is drawn from every part of the country – while Andy’s is very concentrated in the North West and the North.


And crucially, our data backs up the You Gov poll, which shows Yvette is the clear challenger to Jeremy in the South East and Greater London where over a quarter of Labour’s membership is based. Andy is in fourth place here. So on these facts alone, Yvette is positioned as the best placed candidate to beat Mr Corbyn.


But, here’s something fascinating. Since Yvette’s big speech last week there’s been a huge surge in Andy and Liz supporters telling us they’ll give Yvette their second preference.


Back in July, 49% of Andy’s supporters said they would second preference Yvette. Now it’s a whopping great 65%.


And amongst Liz’s supporters, the margin is even bigger. In July, 74% of Liz supporters said their second preference would go to Yvette. Now (ie the end of last week), it’s an overwhelming 89 – yes EIGHTY-NINE – per cent.


So: it’s pretty clear. Only Yvette can beat Jeremy. And those voting for Liz don’t have to worry about Andy going out early and pushing Jeremy into first place. That is quite simply not where his supporters are.


OVERALL, Yvette is ahead of Andy on first preferences – and is the clear second preference choice for both Andy and Liz supporters.  It’s as simple as that.




If you would like to get involved with Yvette’s campaign you can find more details here:


Only Yvette can beat Jeremy Corbyn – and give us a radical, credible Labour Prime Minister



Only Yvette can beat Jeremy Corbyn – and give us a radical, credible Labour Prime Minister. 


Last week, Yvette delivered an absolute game-changer of a speech in Manchester – and on the phones there’s been a brilliant response. Lots of people have said that they were voting for Jeremy Corbyn BUT are now giving their first preference to Yvette because they want both a radical and credible Labour Prime Minister.


But some people have asked me – especially supporters of the excellent Liz Kendal – if my old mate Andy Burnham goes out first, won’t his second preference votes go to Jeremy – pushing Jeremy into first place??


Well, here’s the facts.


Over the last couple of weeks Yvette’s team has spoken to nearly 2,000 people who said they planned to vote Andy first (and just so you know the team’s surveys have Yvette in front of Andy on first preferences as well – especially in London and the South East where there’s big numbers of Labour members).


But a massive 66% of Andy Burnham supporters said they were giving their second preference to Yvette. Just a tiny 13% said they planned to second preference Jeremy or Liz.


What does that mean? It’s simple. When Andy goes out, the overwhelming share of his vote goes to Yvette – putting her clearly on course to beat Jeremy in the final round.


The conclusion: as much as I welcome the way Jeremy has shaken up the policy debate, only Yvette can really best him to become Labour leader – and our next Labour Prime Minister.


So for those of my friends who are voting Liz Kendal – or Andy first, you can be confident about where your second preferences should go.


They need to go to Yvette Cooper.


This article appeared on the New Statesman website on 16 August 2015 –




Your vote for the next leader of the Labour Party

Dear Friend,

Lots of people are asking me for my advice on the Labour leadership contest – and who we want as our next Labour Prime Minister – so my advice is simple: vote for Yvette Cooper for leader, and Tom Watson as deputy.

Here’s why.

The Labour leadership is a tough job: it needs radicalism, new ideas, experience – and the ability to unite the country.

Because lets be blunt about it: unless we can win back the seats we lost to the Tories, we can’t win a majority in Parliament.

And the Labour Party was created to create a way for good people TO ACTUALLY RUN THE COUNTRY.

If we don’t have a Labour government in Downing Street, we can’t change the lives of people in Hodge Hill – who desperately need a Labour government.

So ask yourself this before you vote: which Labour candidate do you believe can stand on the steps of No 10 Downing Street, and then get down to the hard graft of running the country.

I’ve known the leadership candidates in this race, for nearly 20 years – and that’s why I’m backing Yvette Cooper and Tom Watson. They’ll be a brilliant team.

Yvette has already proved, in Government and in Opposition that she has what it takes to take on the Tories.

Yvette is setting the policy debate – the credible candidate for Prime Minister

Yvette knows our message in the last election was too narrow. She’s the candidate focused on the future – already she has outlined proposals to increase childcare, to build more homes and tackle shameful levels of child poverty – and crucially has the plan to create two million new high-skilled manufacturing jobs.

You can hear more about Yvette’s plan for the Labour Party here:

Yvette will nail Tory myths on the economy

Yvette has nailed the Tory myth of supposed Labour overspending in Government. Given the economy is a central issue for every election, Yvette is the candidate who understands how vital our economic credibility is to winning in 2020.

The candidate who can win

I passionately believe that we need a leader that can unite our party, then win in 2020. We cannot afford to vote for the candidate of our comfort zone – we need to back the person that can deliver the Labour Government that our country so desperately needs. Yvette is that person.

Tom Watson for Deputy Leader

Of course you will also be voting for the next Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

For me the choice is easy – I will be voting for Tom Watson. I am backing Tom because he will rebuild our party from the grassroots up. We’ve suffered a defeat and Tom is the man to help us rebuild, he is a formidable campaigner and will help us connect with millions of new voters. I saw his legendary organising skills first hand when he helped run my by-election campaign to become Hodge Hill’s MP in 2004.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss my choices or just share your thoughts.

Best Wishes

Liam Byrne

Member of Parliament for Birmingham Hodge Hill

PS – If you are giving your first preference to another candidate, please consider voting for Yvette or Tom with your second preference – it really could make all the difference.

If you would like to get involved with Yvette’s campaign you can find more details here:



Unemployment figures – July 2015

Dear friends,

I thought I would share with you some figures from the House of Commons Library on unemployment in Hodge Hill which I’ve received today.

The total number of unemployed claimants in Birmingham, Hodge Hill constituency in July 2015 was 3,999.

This is 1182 lower than in July 2014 and 14 lower than in June 2015.

This represents a rate of 8.8% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64, the 4th highest of the 650 UK constituencies. (1st = highest claimant rate, 650th = lowest claimant rate.) This includes 3,708 people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and 291 people who were claiming Universal Credit but were not in employment. Some of these Universal Credit claimants may no longer be seeking work.

The total number of unemployed young people in Hodge Hill (18-24 year old Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants) is 985, representing a rate of 7.3%. The total number of claimants is 430 lower than in July 2014 and 8 lower than in June 2015. These data are not seasonally adjusted.

Birmingham City Council have also provided me with their findings from this latest batch of unemployment figures which you can read here. You will note that the unemployment rate in Hodge Hill (8.8%) is higher than the overall rate for Birmingham (5.8%), the West Midlands (2.9%) and the UK (2.4%).

Whilst I am pleased that the number of unemployed claimants in Hodge Hill has fallen slightly, the level of unemployment and in particular, youth unemployment, is still unacceptably high.

After five years in Government the Tories are still not doing enough to help people in Hodge Hill find work.

I will continue to keep putting pressure on the government to deliver for Hodge Hill.

All the best,



Redshift – Looking for a new England – 22 July 2015


Dear friends,


England is changing – and to win back power, Labour must change too.

At the last election, England decisively shifted blue. Now Labour now needs a plan for a red shift.

We believe progressive parties win when we own the future.But too many people think we belonged to the past. The electorate is changing rapidly. The world of work is dramatically altered. Communities are changing shape. Generational shifts in values are under way. Many feel left behind. Yet vast new forces of trade and technology are speeding up.

So we need to go back to basics. To draw on the real experience and insights of English people today, inside and outside the workplace. To show how we can re-energise the ways Labour values can transform real lives.

Red Shift brings together a group of English Labour MP’s and activists determined to shine a spotlight on how England is changing, how peoples’ ambitions are changing – and how Labour needs to change to win.

The group will publish its first report – Looking for a New England – on the changing world of work and politics at party conference in September.


You can read the group’s op-ed in today’s Daily Mirror here.

Visit the Red Shift website and tell us what you heard at the General Election here.

EDM on End of Production for the Land Rover Defender


Dear friends,


I have today tabled an Early Day Motion to commemorate the very sad news that production of the classic Land Rover Defender is drawing to a close in the West Midlands.

You can read the text of the EDM below and see who else has signed it here:

“That this House records with great pride the production of the two-millionth Land Rover Defender; salutes the extraordinary achievement of Land Rover’s designers and workers in creating a world-renowned British classic; and notes with great sadness the end of an era as production draws to an end, but looks forward to an ever brighter future for the UK automotive sector in the years to come.”



Starbank School Planning Proposal – 15 July

Dear friends,

I have received the below planning notice from Birmingham City Council regarding Starbank Primary School.

The proposal is, “Retention of existing single storey and 2-storey temporary buildings and a single storey inflatable building and installation of a new first floor interlinking temporary building to provide further classroom facilities and provision of new

See the attachment here for further details.


Letter from Ofsted to Nicky Morgan on situation at Park View and other Hodge Hill Schools – 15 July 2015


Dear friends,


Yesterday Ofsted published its latest advice letter to the Secretary of State for Education on the latest position with schools in Birmingham (including Park View and other Hodge Hill schools) and Tower Hamlets.


The advice note sets out the progress being made at the schools, as well as highlighting wider safeguarding concerns which have been brought to light as a result of Ofsted’s ongoing monitoring of the situation.


You can read the letter and the advice note below.


Advice letter

Advice note annex to advice letter


In response to Sir Michael Wilshaw’s letter I have put down the following Parliamentary Question:


Named Day Written question to: Education for answer on 20 Jul 2015 12:00 AM
To ask the Secretary of State for Education, further to Sir Michael Wilshaw’s to her of 14 July 2015, what steps is she taking to ensure pupils names are not removed from school admission registers without an adequate explanation of the child’s whereabouts?


I will put up any response I receive as soon as possible.






Liam Byrne MP visits Timberley Academy – Friday 10th July 2015

It was great to visit Timberley Academy last week. I was given a tour of the Academy’s brilliant farm and heard first-hand from the children what they have been learning about wildlife.

IMGP1305IMGP1293 IMGP1300 IMGP1303

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