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Infographics from my Dragons speech – 24 May 2016

by Liam Byrne | 25.05.16

  Here are the three headlines from my research which I published today alongside the launch of my new book Dragons: Ten Entrepreneurs Who Built Britain      

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Policy Network Speech in Infographics

by Liam Byrne | 04.11.15

Dear friends, Yesterday I delivered a speech to Policy Network on entrepreneurial socialism, tackling inequality and the case for a #NewClause4. You can read the speech here. You can also see below my speech in six infographics:   1) Britain 2015: More Super Rich. More Super Poor.                     […]

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What basic powers should all citizens have?

by Liam Byrne | 03.11.15

  Dear friends,   In my speech earlier today, calling for a #NewClause4, I promised to publish some work we did in Government on the basic powers we want to see in the hands of our citizens.   Today I am publishing these slides for the first time. Click on the first slide below to […]

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Labour must rewrite Clause 4, and put inequality centre stage

by Liam Byrne | 21.09.15

  Dear friends,   I thought you might be interested in reading my latest piece for the Guardian entitled; “Labour must rewrite Clause 4, and put inequality centre stage”.   You can view the piece here:   Or read it below. Very best Liam   Labour must rewrite Clause 4, and put inequality centre stage […]

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Byrne demands first class funeral services for his constituents – 16 September

by Liam Byrne | 16.09.15

  Dear friends,   This evening I presented a petition from residents of Birmingham Hodge Hill to the House of Commons on the second class burial services many of my constituents are receiving. You can read a press release about the petition below. With best wishes Liam       Immediate Release News from Liam […]

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The Tories Trade Unions Bill is an attack on working people and on the Labour Party

by Liam Byrne | 15.09.15

  Dear friends,   Last night Parliament saw the second reading of this Tory Government’s Trade Union Bill.   The Labour party is completely united in its opposition to this pernicious Bill and I voted against it at second reading last night.   This Bill is a cynical attack against working people and the brilliant […]

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The European refugee crisis – 3 September 2015

by Liam Byrne | 03.09.15

Dear friends,   I am sure you will have seen some of the coverage of the increasingly desparate refugee crisis growing across Europe.   Yvette Cooper, who I am backing to be the next Labour Leader, made a speech earlier in the week lamenting Britain’s current position – Germany has given more sanctuary to Syrians in […]

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Statement on OFFA Access Arrangements announcement – 16 July 2015

by Liam Byrne | 16.07.15

  Dear all,   This morning OFFA, the fair access watchdog, has announced new access agreements with Universities which aim to ensure poor and disadvantage students are able to go to University.   More details here:   In response to this announcement Liam Byrne MP, the Shadow Minister for Universities has made the following […]

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Liam Byrne MP statement on Tory plans to cut student maintenance grants

by Liam Byrne | 12.06.15

  Dear friends,   You may have seen the report by the BBC’s Newsnight last night on Tory plans to cut student maintenance grants. This is deeply troubling. You can read the full story on the BBC News website here:   And my statement on the matter is below:   “The coalition betrayed […]

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First Constituency Wide Residents Meeting of 2015 – Immigration – Saturday 24 January 2015

by Liam Byrne | 19.01.15

Dear friends,   Many of you will have read, in my Winter Newsletter, about the three constituency wide residents meeting that I will be holding between now and the election. They’re on the 3 big issues residents tell me are most important – and I want to hear what you think needs to change in […]

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