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Saltley Methodist Church
150 Alum Rock Rd
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Shard End Community Centre
170 Packington Avenue
B34 7RD

Liam's advice bureaux are by appointment only and are subject to change.

To make an appointment please phone: 0121 789 7287

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Growth is now faster in economically and politically ‘unfree’ nations

One way to think about today’s ‘crisis of the West’ is to look at the economic growth rates in economically and politically ‘free’ versus ‘unfree’ nations. If you believe that economic and political freedom are linked (as I do), you would assume that free countries grow faster. For much of the post-war era that has indeed […]

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What are the causes of poverty and low income in Hodge Hill?

Our community is one of the poorest in Britain and over the summer I am updating my research into the causes of poverty and low income. I am looking for people to interview who have a household income of £13,000 a year or less. The telephone interview will be strictly confidential and will be undertaken […]

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Birmingham’s NHS short-changed by £56 million a year

New figures produced by the House of Commons Library reveal that Birmingham’s National Health Service is being short-changed by £56 million every year compared to other parts of the country – and the shortfall is set to rise to over £70 million by 2020. The figures which show how much the Birmingham NHS (known as Birmingham […]

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Tackling the Ivory Trade

Recently, I received an email from a constituent who invited me to an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) event next week on Tuesday. Unfortunately, due to prior parliamentary commitments, I will be unable to attend the event. Nonetheless as an animal lover myself, I find any act of animal cruelty revolting. The Ivory Trade, […]

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[PETITION] Save the Rohingya Muslims of Burma

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Save the Rohingya Muslims of Burma

The events in Burma have shocked lots of us in Birmingham - so this week 157 MPs came together in Parliament behind a letter to Boris Johnson, coordinated by Rushanara Ali MP, demanding pressure on the Burmese government to stop the violence and start the humanitarian relief. You can find the letter here.

But to make Boris listen, we need to raise our voices louder, speaking for those victims in Burma who cannot. That's why I'm asking the people of Hodge Hill to sign this petition.

To the House of Commons.

The Petition of residents of Birmingham Hodge Hill,

Declares that the petitioners have serious concerns over the unfolding crisis in Rakhine State, Myanmar.

The petitioners therefore request the House of Commons urges the government to review its current approach to the Burmese military, provide additional funding to meet the urgent new humanitarian needs and support the relevant resolutions in the Human Rights Council and United Nations, in light of the unfolding crisis in Rakhine State, Myanmar.

And the Petitioner(s) remain(s), etc.


77 signatures

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Latest Signatures
77Shazia K.Sep 22, 2017
76Teri G.Sep 21, 2017
75Rameez A.Sep 20, 2017
74Mohammed Z.Sep 20, 2017
73Shaf G.Sep 20, 2017
72Umar F.Sep 20, 2017
71YOUNUS A.Sep 19, 2017
70James L.Sep 19, 2017
69Kamran M.Sep 18, 2017
68Nasra B.Sep 18, 2017
67Larry G.Sep 16, 2017
66Sahira S.Sep 16, 2017
65Ansar M.Sep 16, 2017
64Ibrahim R.Sep 15, 2017
63Maryam K.Sep 15, 2017
62Hayyan A.Sep 15, 2017
61Agha khan H.Sep 15, 2017
60ali S.Sep 15, 2017
59Mubashir S.Sep 15, 2017
58Fiaz A.Sep 15, 2017

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