Follow-up to our Residents Meeting and School-gate surgery

 Dear friend

Many thanks to everyone to came along to our school-gate surgery at St Benedict’s School, and our residents meeting at Small Heath Leisure Centre a few weeks ago- or returned a questionnaire!

 We’ve identified several issues on which to take action:

1. Rubbish. Lots of complaints about this. There were also complaints about bulky rubbish now being dumped in gardens; businesses on Coventry Road illegally dumping rubbish, and an associated problem with rates. Our councillors have been organising community clear-ups to help and in addition, we’ll be pushing the case for early arrival of wheelie-bins.

2. Parking. This was seen as a really bad problem around the school – and there was strong demand for a one way system to stop the chaos of two way traffic in tight streets. We’ll investigate what can be done here

3. Drug dealing. This was generally seen as a problem in the area. So we’ll make sure police know this is a local priority, along with reports of prostitution on the corner of Dora Rd and St Oswalds Road.

4. Tree pruning. Again, long overdue. We’ll check schedule and ask for action.

5. Small Heath Park and lack of things for young people to do. Again, this was seen as a big problem. We’ll raise the issue of park cleanliness and continue to campaign for more for your young people in the area.

 We’ll keep you updated.

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