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I thought you might be interested in an exciting opportunity for 16-25 year olds called Gear Up 4 Work starting in the week commencing 21stMarch 2016 in Birmingham.

Gear Up 4 Work is a six month training programme for 16-25 year olds Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs) who are struggling to find work or fit into mainstream education ran by local Hodge Hill independent cycle repair shop, Gear Up.

Over the six months the programme will include a mix of personal and social development and employment training alongside practical bicycle mechanics in Gear Up’s independent bicycle repair shop, all within 14 hours a week.

The aim of the programme is to help young NEETs gain an increased passion for biking and mechanics, improve confidence and self esteem, help young people gain a minimum level one accreditation and work experience, and taking a significant step towards sustained employment, training and/or education.

If you want to get involved or would like to find more information, email:, call 0121 448 3739 or go online at

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