Statement on Sunday Telegraph story on Park View school

by Liam Byrne | 20.04.14 | in: Constituency news, Uncategorized

Commenting on the leaked Ofsted report to the Sunday Telegraph, Liam Byrne said:

‘It is now imperative that we see the full Park View report I demanded three weeks ago. These are incredibly serious findings and parents, staff and the public must now have the full picture and the governor response. I am simply furious that we are being kept in the dark while newspapers are given nods and winks.

‘If these findings are true, then it is now crystal clear that Michael Gove has been asleep at the wheel. He’s in charge of Park View academy. It was given an outstanding Ofsted rating 26 months ago with a personal visit from the director general of Ofsted himself.

‘Since then, its seems Michael Gove not only ignored what may have taken place at Park View academy, he actually handed it control of two more schools. He must now come to Parliament to explain how he took his eye off the ball – and what he’s going to do to fix it’.

‘It’s now clear that we cannot carry on with a situation where hundreds of schools are reporting to a Secretary of State who either does not know or does not care what is going on in the schools he is supposed to be in charge of’.

Notes to editors
1. Park View was rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in January 2012. Sir Michael Wilshaw visited to congratulate school leaders in March 2013.
2. Park View was passed as an academy in August 2012
3. Staff ‘whistleblower’ complaints were passed to Ofsted in February 2014, triggering the recent inspection process.Commenting in the Sunday Telegraph story into Park View school,



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