Update on Birmingham Burial Services

by Liam Byrne | 01.02.16 | in: Constituency news, Local campaigns, Local Issues, Local News, Public services, Uncategorized

Dear friends,

Following on from our burial services summit in November 2015 I was delighted to hear from Angela Robinson, Superintendent Registrar of Birmingham City Council, that the Birmingham Registration Service, in partnership with the Birmingham and Solihull Coroner are now able to provide Out of England removal services on weekends, following a successful pilot.
Birmingham City Council were able to begin this fully operational service on 23rd January 2016. The removal orders allow Birmingham City Council to return a body to a country outside of England or Wales.

One of the major issues that arose from the summit was the limited service at the weekends, so I’m pleased we’ve been able to make significant progress on getting the world class burial services we deserve here in Hodge Hill for our deceased loved ones.

Best wishes,



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