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Liam Byrne’s Speech to the West Midlands Regional Labour Conference, March 2018

by Liam Byrne | 06.03.18 | Tags: , , , , ,

There is so much to say in this debate: so much ground to cover. But in fact, I did not want the first word today, so I sat down with one of my colleagues who I felt should kick off today’s debate. Our Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell. And of course, yesterday, John declared that parts […]

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Birmingham Labour: The Positive Offer 2016

by Liam Byrne | 25.04.16 This morning I was delighted to help launch Birmingham Labour’s Positive Offer for Local Government ahead of the Council elections on Thursday 5th May 2016.   You can read a copy of the Positive Offer document by clicking on the link below. Here I am launching the Positive Offer document this morning:     […]

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Policy Network Speech in Infographics

by Liam Byrne | 04.11.15

Dear friends, Yesterday I delivered a speech to Policy Network on entrepreneurial socialism, tackling inequality and the case for a #NewClause4. You can read the speech here. You can also see below my speech in six infographics:   1) Britain 2015: More Super Rich. More Super Poor.                     […]

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What basic powers should all citizens have?

by Liam Byrne | 03.11.15

  Dear friends,   In my speech earlier today, calling for a #NewClause4, I promised to publish some work we did in Government on the basic powers we want to see in the hands of our citizens.   Today I am publishing these slides for the first time. Click on the first slide below to […]

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Labour must rewrite Clause 4, and put inequality centre stage

by Liam Byrne | 21.09.15

  Dear friends,   I thought you might be interested in reading my latest piece for the Guardian entitled; “Labour must rewrite Clause 4, and put inequality centre stage”.   You can view the piece here:   Or read it below. Very best Liam   Labour must rewrite Clause 4, and put inequality centre stage […]

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The Tories Trade Unions Bill is an attack on working people and on the Labour Party

by Liam Byrne | 15.09.15

  Dear friends,   Last night Parliament saw the second reading of this Tory Government’s Trade Union Bill.   The Labour party is completely united in its opposition to this pernicious Bill and I voted against it at second reading last night.   This Bill is a cynical attack against working people and the brilliant […]

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More data showing Yvette Cooper as the only choice for a radical, credible Labour Prime Minister

by Liam Byrne | 17.08.15

  It seems from yesterday’s reaction there’s a real interest in the facts about who’s now placed to unite all wings of the Party and give us a radical, credible Labour Prime Minister.   So here’s a bit more of YvetteforLabour’s internal data, based on thousands of phones calls over the last few weeks proving […]

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Only Yvette can beat Jeremy Corbyn – and give us a radical, credible Labour Prime Minister

by Liam Byrne | 16.08.15

    Only Yvette can beat Jeremy Corbyn – and give us a radical, credible Labour Prime Minister.    Last week, Yvette delivered an absolute game-changer of a speech in Manchester – and on the phones there’s been a brilliant response. Lots of people have said that they were voting for Jeremy Corbyn BUT are […]

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Your vote for the next leader of the Labour Party

by Liam Byrne | 15.08.15

Dear Friend, Lots of people are asking me for my advice on the Labour leadership contest – and who we want as our next Labour Prime Minister – so my advice is simple: vote for Yvette Cooper for leader, and Tom Watson as deputy. Here’s why. The Labour leadership is a tough job: it needs […]

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My analysis on the changing electorate

by Liam Byrne | 08.07.15

Dear Friends, Here is my latest analysis of how the electorate is likely to change between now and the 2020 election. This is a piece I wrote in the Telegraph and a piece by the Telegraph’s Chief Political Correspondent, Christopher Hope. Liam     By 2020 over 55’s could outnumber under 35’s by […]

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