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Research: LAUNCHED: The Future of Work for the People we Serve

by Liam Byrne | 09.10.18 | in: Research, Universities, Science & Skills

Parliamentarians, politicians and policy-makers from around the globe have come together to spell out the ten key challenges for spreading the risks and sharing the rewards of automation as new technology transforms the future of work for the world’s 3.2 billion workers. In a new book, The Future of Work for the People We Serve, […]

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My speech in the Syria airstrikes debate

by Liam Byrne | 03.12.15

Last night Parliament voted in favour of airstrikes against ISIL in Syria. I voted against airstrikes. Watch my short speech in the debate below where I outline my reasons why:

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My name is Liam and my father was an alcoholic

by Liam Byrne | 30.11.15

Last week I made the hardest speech I have given in the House of Commons. I got up and talked about my life as the child of an alcoholic. My father, Dermot, was an extraordinary guy. The son of Irish immigrants, he was bright, charismatic and chippy. He battered his way into grammar school and […]

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My question to the Prime Minister on Syria

by Liam Byrne | 26.11.15

Today the Prime Minister gave a statement on his plan for defeating ISIL in Syria. Watch the video below to see my question to the Prime Minister:

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Paris attacks: The war against ISIS in Iraq is our fight too – and we are winning

by Liam Byrne | 16.11.15

Dear Friends I thought I would share a piece I have written or the Birmingham Mail on my trip to Kurdistan. You can read my piece below: As we mourn the dead of Paris, let’s take a little comfort, we do not mourn alone. Across northern Iraq this week I’ve heard first hand the heartfelt condolences, […]

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Trip to Kurdistan

by Liam Byrne | 16.11.15

Dear friends, I recently joined a cross-party delegation on an All-Party Parliamentary Group trip to Kurdistan. You can see what I found out during this visit by watching the videos below:   Report from Iraq’s Ashti refugee camp     Report from frontline with ISIL – just outside Kirkuk, with Commander Wasta Rasul     Report from […]

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Policy Network Speech in Infographics

by Liam Byrne | 04.11.15

Dear friends, Yesterday I delivered a speech to Policy Network on entrepreneurial socialism, tackling inequality and the case for a #NewClause4. You can read the speech here. You can also see below my speech in six infographics:   1) Britain 2015: More Super Rich. More Super Poor.                     […]

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What basic powers should all citizens have?

by Liam Byrne | 03.11.15

  Dear friends,   In my speech earlier today, calling for a #NewClause4, I promised to publish some work we did in Government on the basic powers we want to see in the hands of our citizens.   Today I am publishing these slides for the first time. Click on the first slide below to […]

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Shocking new figures reveal worst 50 places in UK for alcohol misuse

by Liam Byrne | 30.10.15

Dear friends, Earlier this month I wrote to the Health Secretary to find out which areas in Britain have the highest incident of alcohol misuse. Here is the Mirror’s coverage which includes my comments of the release of the figures:   Seaside stag party resort Blackpool is the dangerous drinking capital of England, according to new […]

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