Liam's advice bureaux take place:

The first Friday of every month at 4-5pm:
Shard End Community Centre
170 Packington Avenue
B34 7RD

The first Saturday of every month at 9:30-11am:
Saltley Methodist Church
150 Alum Rock Rd
B8 1HU

Liam's advice bureaux are by appointment only and are subject to change.

To make an appointment please phone: 0121 789 7287

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LAUNCHED: The Future of Work for the People we Serve

Parliamentarians, politicians and policy-makers from around the globe have come together to spell out the ten key challenges for spreading the risks and sharing the rewards of automation as new technology transforms the future of work for the world’s 3.2 billion workers. In a new book, The Future of Work for the People We Serve, […]

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Immediate release Information Warfare: Winning the Battle Ahead Remarks to Club de Madrid/ World Leadership Alliance Conference Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Riga, Latvia Thursday 27 September 2018 Thank you Madam President and thank you for the opportunity to speak here today. In the UK we’re very proud of our small part in your history and […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Labour proposes new duty of care for social media firms to protect children online

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Labour proposes new duty of care for social media firms to protect children online  Labour will create a new duty of care for social media firms, demanding digital giants take action to protect children from online harms.  The announcement comes as Labour submits its evidence to the Information Commissioner for a new statutory code that will require tech firms […]

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We must clamp down on the social media giants that allow online harms against children

First published in The Telegraph The digital world is a place of dazzling opportunity for a young person, and endless dangers. The internet offers so much space for anonymity, so much scope to set foot in spaces out of bounds in the offline world, that it becomes easy to forget: children are still children, online […]

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More police for Birmingham

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More police for Birmingham


The Government has cut 2,000 police officers from the force in the West Midlands. It’s having a huge impact on our communities. That’s why I have been demanding, along with other Labour colleagues, that the Government recruits more police. Do you agree? Sign the petition below and share with your friends if you do.

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250Mrs Hamza H.Sep 07, 2018
249Mr Zaheer A.Sep 07, 2018
248Mr Keith P.Sep 07, 2018
247Mr Abdullah I.Sep 04, 2018
246Mr Mukhtar S.Aug 31, 2018
245Miss Rashda H.Aug 21, 2018
244Mr Tyler S.Jul 19, 2018
243Mx. Shaquan D.Jul 11, 2018
242Mrs Jenny H.Jun 19, 2018
241Mr Terry G.May 23, 2018
240Mr Zaheer H.May 18, 2018
239Ms Zana M.Mar 24, 2018

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