Liam's advice bureaux take place:

The first Friday of every month at:
Shard End Community Centre
170 Packington Avenue
B34 7RD

The first Saturday of every month at:
Saltley Methodist Church
150 Alum Rock Rd
B8 1HU

Liam's advice bureaux are by appointment only and are subject to change.

To make an appointment please phone: 0121 789 7287

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Turbulent Times: Political Essays

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Autumn Budget 2017: Letter to the Chancellor

Read here the letter Birmingham City Council leader Cllr Ian Ward has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer ahead of the 2017 Autumn Budget.

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Russian-backed political spending on Facebook advertising

I wrote to the Electoral Commission to ask if it is looking into concerns that Russian-backed adverts could have influenced millions of voters on Facebook ahead of the EU referendum and the last general election. It’s absolutely vital that social media giants come clean about foreign nations meddling in our debates. So it’s now time […]

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Growth is now faster in economically and politically ‘unfree’ nations

One way to think about today’s ‘crisis of the West’ is to look at the economic growth rates in economically and politically ‘free’ versus ‘unfree’ nations. If you believe that economic and political freedom are linked (as I do), you would assume that free countries grow faster. For much of the post-war era that has indeed […]

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More police for Birmingham

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More police for Birmingham


The Government has cut 2,000 police officers from the force in the West Midlands. It’s having a huge impact on our communities. That’s why I have been demanding, along with other Labour colleagues, that the Government recruits more police. Do you agree? Sign the petition below and share with your friends if you do.

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