Liam's advice bureaux take place:

The first Friday of every month at 4-5pm:
Shard End Community Centre
170 Packington Avenue
B34 7RD

The first Saturday of every month at 9:30-11am:
Saltley Methodist Church
150 Alum Rock Rd
B8 1HU

Liam's advice bureaux are by appointment only and are subject to change.

To make an appointment please phone: 0121 789 7287

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Ayes to the Left Podcast: The Collapse of the Centre Left

Across Europe the centre left is in trouble. Of the 28 EU states only six have a left-wing government and most of those are minority administrations.In the last elections the workers party in Holland came eighth.In the French elections the socialist party’s Benoit Hamon came fifth with 6% of the vote.It is a similar story […]

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Automation Infographics

  Future Advocacy’s heat map of the results Heatmap UK FoW Infogram

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Automation risk by 2030s for English Constituencies

  Jobs at high risk of automation by 2030 across English parliamentary constituencies Average no. jobs at risk Proportion of jobs at risk Total jobs at high risk Conservative Constituencies 14,014 30.7% 4,077,960 Labour Constituencies 15,142 30.3% 3,452,451 All English Constituencies 14,435 30.5% 7,766,225 The Impact of AI in UK Constituencies, October 2017, Future Advocacy

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Latest Petition

More police for Birmingham

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More police for Birmingham


The Government has cut 2,000 police officers from the force in the West Midlands. It’s having a huge impact on our communities. That’s why I have been demanding, along with other Labour colleagues, that the Government recruits more police. Do you agree? Sign the petition below and share with your friends if you do.

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244 signatures

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Latest Signatures
244Mr Tyler S.Jul 19, 2018
243Mx. Shaquan D.Jul 11, 2018
242Mrs Jenny H.Jun 19, 2018
241Mr Terry G.May 23, 2018
240Mr Zaheer H.May 18, 2018
239Ms Zana M.Mar 24, 2018
238Mr Lee P.Mar 18, 2018
237Mr Cabdulmalik M.Mar 14, 2018
236Mrs Shamim J.Mar 05, 2018
235Mr Akbar K.Mar 05, 2018
234Mr Matthew F.Mar 01, 2018
233Mr Bilal N.Feb 16, 2018
232Mrs Tina B.Feb 10, 2018
231Mr Kyle U.Jan 19, 2018
230Miss Fatima B.Jan 14, 2018
229Miss Ellie B.Jan 10, 2018
228Ms Julia J.Dec 30, 2017
227Mr Shaun C.Dec 22, 2017
226Mr Dean B.Dec 14, 2017
225 Olivene W.Dec 08, 2017

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