Humanitarian situation in Syria

by Liam Byrne | 13.12.16 | in: Uncategorized

The humanitarian situation in Aleppo is more serious than ever, with supplies of food, clean water and medical equipment now nearly exhausted. It is now time for the Government to consider airdrops of humanitarian aid and to work to ensure the safe passage of civilians from besieged areas to safe grounds.

We in the Labour Party applaud the aid agencies and the many workers risking their lives to help to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in providing vital food, water and medical supplies.

However, more needs to be done to provide relief to the Syrian people and to bring the conflict to an end. The debate in Parliament today is an opportunity to push the government to do more and provide humanitarian relief and to work with our international partners to work towards a lasting peace.

All sides need to get back around the negotiating table and start afresh on the hard work of securing a ceasefire, isolating the extremists and negotiating a lasting peace.

We need an ever more urgent and concerted effort by the international community to end the violence on all sides, institute and maintain a UN-led ceasefire, and create safe corridors so vital aid can be delivered.

Labour will continue to push the government to do more to get the talks back on track and address the worsening humanitarian situation.

Equally important, we will continue to press the government to provide more funding to local councils across the UK to meet the costs of supporting child refugees and to encourage Labour Councils to offer resettlement and support to those that fled to the UK.

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