Comment: Why Conservative benefit cuts won’t get Britain working – The Observer | 7 April 2013 Read more Comment: Tories failure locks millions out of work, and sends benefits bill soaring – Daily Telegraph, December 2013 Read more Press: Give us the tools to tackle youth jobs crisis, say councils Read more Press: Labour councils are helping young people into work – January 2013 Read more Speech: On the Welfare Uprating Bill – House of Commons, 2013 Read more Speech: Britain’s new bargain: Social Security for One Nation Britain – September 2012 Read more Speech: Opposition Day Debate on ‘Jobs and Social Security’ – House of Commons, November 2012 Read more Speech: The Flaws with Universal Credit – Opposition Day Debate, House of Commons, September 2012 Read more Speech: Beveridge Anniversary Lecture: Renewing the reward for responsibility – SMF, 2013 Read more Speech: Opposition Day Debate on Disability Benefits – House of Commons, June 2012 Read more Speech: Renewing Universalism – My Beveridge anniversary speech – Demos, May 2012 Read more Pamphlet: The New Centre Ground: How Progressives Can Win Majorities – Progress, Summer, 2013 Read more Blog: Full employment was the foundation for Beveridge’s welfare state. It should be the foundation for renewing it – 2013 Read more Comment: What working people need from the welfare state – The Guardian, 2013 Read more BooK: Eliminating ‘power failures’: a new agenda for tackling inequality – Purple Book, 2013 Read more Speech: Building the new politics of power to beat poverty – Webb Memorial Trust Lecture, May 2011 Read more Speech: Renewing the “Responsibility Society”: Priorities for Social Security Reform – London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, May 2011 Read more Speech: The 21st century welfare state: Radical change is change that sticks – IPPR, February 2011 Read more Speech: Labour’s economic vision – Progress, Labour conference, 2010 Read more Pamphlet: Why Labour Lost – and How We Win Again – Progress, 2010 Read more Launch: Smarter Government – How To Raise Standards When Budgets Come Down – March, 2010 Read more Speech: The Battle for the Centre Ground: How Labour Wins Again – Demos Open Left, 2011 Read more My presentation to Cabinet on the challenge for Britain’s ‘squeezed middle’ Read more Top 10 Tory Inequality Myths Read more Speech: The New Opportunity Economy – Smith Institute Annual Finance Lecture, 22 September 2009 Read more Pamphlet: A More United Kingdom – Demos, 2009 Read more Research: Power in Peoples Hands: World Class Public Services – Cabinet Office, 2009 Read more Pamphlet: A Common Place (with Ruth Kelly MP) – Fabians, 2008 Read more Pamphlet: Why Labour Won – Fabian Society, 2005 Read more Research: Why Labour Won The 2005 Election – Fabian Society, September 2005 Read more

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